The Scribe Tribe Writing Workshop

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This 4-part course will equip you with everything that you need to finally write, publish and sell that book that you have been fantasizing over for years!

Be sure to have your pen and pad ready because there will be a wealth of information shared over the four sessions. Feel free to move at your own pace, but definitely allocate time to complete the homework assignments. You are not required to the submit the homework, but it is crucial in your progress to becoming a published author!

Remember to write EVERYDAY!

Your Instructor

Kristen R. Harris
Kristen R. Harris

Kristen R. Harris subscribes to the notion that every woman is full of potential and purpose but many lack the knowledge on how to get everything out that is inside of them. Kristen helps draw it out by equipping them with the tools they need to get unstuck. As a Spiritual Midwife, Kristen helps women realize that they are pregnant with purpose and push past their pain to deliver everything that God has promised them. Under her personal brand, KRH Enterprises, she inspires a multitude of women through writing and speaking platforms.

Her programs, The Birthing Plan Program and The Scribe Tribe, have been extremely successful at helping women birth their business ideas and fulfill their dreams of publishing books. To date, Kristen has authored 6 books of her own and is always penning the next page turner! She is currently the host of the acclaimed God Put Me Up On Game podcast where she shares her raw truths and all the good game learned along the way and The Author’s Tea, a platform to give independent women authors greater exposure.

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